transvestites in lingerie

Transvestites in Lingerie

Transvestite with Tiny Balls It is no wonder that you took the role of being a woman so well. I mean, your balls are so tiny. They are microscopic. You had a girlfriend one time that even told you that your balls and dick were just too tiny for her. After putting up with so […]

cross dressing supplies

Cross Dressing Supplies

Off To The Crossdresser’s Store You decided that you did well today and so you thought that you earned a trip to buy some new clothing. However, you wanted to see how pretty you would look as a woman so you went to a specialty crossdressing store. Once you arrived at the store and started […]

free crossdresser tube

Free Crossdresser Tube

Crossdresser Sucks On A Flesh Tube You find yourself down on your knees and out of breath. When you look up, all you see is a giant cock hovering above you. Of course you immediately put it in your mouth and suck it, you’re a sissy! Go ahead, suck away. You know what the best […]

wife dominates sissy husband

Wife Dominates Sissy Husband

Husband Forced Sissy Your wife told you to stop with all of your misbehaving, but you never listened. Wrong move, your wife is a very dominate person. So she hired a male stripper to teach you a lesson. She drugged your breakfast and made you dress in women’s clothing. You are the husband forced sissy. […]

sissy anal captions

Sissy Anal Captions

Bent Over And Exposed Daddy forces you to be the gurl that you really are. The reason that you always wanted to be a gurl is because deep down you are a submissive bitch that loves to take orders. “Suck my cock.” “Yes, Daddy!” You love your job, and Daddy loves his. You love being […]

Forced Crossdress Stories

Forced Crossdress Stories

Forced Into A Crossdressing Life After growing up with a very feminine face and body, you finally decided that you were meant to be a gurl in life. This was a pretty easy decision. You never had much aggression or testosterone growing up. You always were being looked at by other guys and a couple […]

forced feminization of men

Forced Feminization Of Men

Forced To Be Feminine As a gurl, your wife made you put on a wig, make up, and clothes to be as feminine as possible. She wanted to make sure that you know who the boss around the house is. Can you guess who it is? It certainly isn’t the dumb bitch who is holding […]

extreme sissy captions

Extreme Sissy Captions

Make Up Slut Ever since your friend Mark found out that you like taking a dick, life has never been the same. Mark has been coming over every single morning, expecting to have a make-up-wearing slut to be there eager to suck his cock, just like in one of these extreme sissy captions. To this […]

sissy cuckold captions

Sissy Cuckold Captions

Your Wife Thinks That You Are Pitiful You told your wife that you wanted to start crossdressing. She said that she was fine with it, as long as she got to see you get fucked by another guy. You were hesitant at first, but you agreed after she gave you a blowjob. Little did you […]